I'm Right For The Job - Cover Letter & CV Writing
SOAPBOX - Presentation Dynamics Effective Communications


This is the flagship program that coaches those with speech anxiety how to overcome their fear of public speaking.  We believe sounding confident and sincere are the cornerstone when talking to anyone.

I'm Right For The Job!

Writing your first cover letter? Preparing your first CV?  This program highlights what should be included and what to omit.  We don't tell you, we also explain to you so you can prepare generic and specific cover letters and CV depending on what you are looking for.

I've Got My Dream Job - Job Interview

I've Got My Dream Job!


So you got invited for a job interview.  You made it this far.  Now let's help you get past the finishing line a winner.  We share what to expect and how to promote yourself to your future employer and not sounding like you are God's gift to the world.

Why Should I Listen To You?

Have a great product? Good idea for a service? Fantastic! Let's get it out there.  We provide insight on how to make you noticeable to your future business partner, potential investors or even customers.

My Mom Is A Project Manager

Believe it or not, we are all project manager in our own right.  This program shares what you already know and do on a daily basis, and apply them to your projects. Seriously, not every projects need a certified project manager.

Why Should I Listen To You? Products & Services Sales Pitch
My Mom Is A Project Manager - Project Management